Myanmar Citizens Expelled by the military, even injected with drugs


Myanmar Citizens Confess, Expelled by the military, they are even injected with drugs. people who live in industrial areas like Hlaing Thar Yar, have to return to their hometowns because they cannot afford accommodation costs

Myanmar Citizens Expelled by the military

Myanmar Citizens Expelled by the military, The condition of the country since the coup took place on February 1 revealed by one of Myanmar citizen.
The woman, named Emma, said many residents chose to leave the city to avoid being arrested by the military.

According to her, several government office staff who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) returned to their hometowns to protect themselves from being caught by the military.
To avoid civil war, some others chose to return to their village.

“Some people are afraid of civil war because they think a civil war will happen in a big city, so they plan to step down for safety,” Emma said when she was was in contact with us on (22/3) Monday night.

Recent situation according to Emma’s observations, the military has evicted the medical staff and the families of train officers from their residence.
The military continues to threaten and expel citizens from their homes if they keep continue to join the civil disobedience action.

Many of the staff unemployed and homeless because the military only gave one day to move. However, residents are in solidarity to share space and support each other.
She said that the strike continued every day in the morning and evening. She with other Burmese are trying to avoid the bloodshed. They thought of other ways to reduce the death toll.

In some big cities, there are still strikes to this day, day and night.

She said in addition, many of residents returned to their hometowns because they were unable to pay accommodation costs.

“especially In Yangon, people who live in industrial areas like Hlaing Thar Yar, have to return to their hometowns because they cannot afford accommodation costs,” she said.

“Most of them are day wage workers, so they absolutely have financial problems,” she added.

2,654 people were arrested during the coup according to the records of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. While according to Emma it had been 10 days since they had been arrested and she think they would be tortured.

She said some of the released looked abnormal, when asked they didn’t know anything, were sleepy and said one word; the location of his house. “Many of the students who were sued and some who are underage appear to have been injected with drugs before being released,” she said.

The people of Myanmar will face a lot of problems, especially financial problems If the coup continues. This is because a number of factories and shops were closed to avoid robbery and destruction by the military.

Not only that, they will lose their rights and the future is bleak.

Myanmar Citizens Expelled by the military

“I think we can’t allow the coup to be last longer, the longer it is, the more we suffer and lose a lot, especially lives,” she said.

“I won’t ever abandon the disappointment of this upset and I will battle against the Junta system as long as I am alive. Also, I am certain numerous youngsters are equivalent to me. We won’t quit battling the military upset until the Junta falls,” he said.

In light of AAPP information, conflicts in a progression of shows that have slaughtered 261 individuals.

A representative for the Myanmar military junta, Zaw Min Tun, said the loss of life was 164.

The coup in Myanmar should have happened in Brazil which is currently led by a less qualified president. Or in Venezuella, which also has a leader who doesn’t care about his people

Over the passings of the many individuals he communicated his sympathies yet kept on calling the demonstrators “psychological militants.”

“I’m miserable that the brutal fear monger who passed on was additionally a resident of our country,” Zaw Min Tun told AFP about Myanmar Citizens Expelled by the military.

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